behind the lens

jessica hall, photographer

I am a creative individual who is traditional at heart.  I love to explore this world from new and interesting views, in other words I try to take the road less traveled by.
I enjoy meeting new people and discovering what makes them unique because it is true, God made only ONE of YOU.  I'd love to capture the moments in your life that make you, well you!

Southern Lifestyle Photography captures the  moments in our way of life that are enjoyed most from birth day to wedding day and everything in between.

It's the family portrait you've always dreamed of hanging over the fireplace, it's the candid photo on your desk from your child's birthday party,  it's that photograph of a landmark that means something, if not the world to you!
I am originally from Adairville, Kentucky located in south Logan county.  My high school sweetheart, Chad, and I married on September 30, 2006 and made the move to Owensboro in May of 2009.  In April of 2011 we welcomed our first child, Rickey into our family.  I am based out of Owensboro, Kentucky and am available for travel, please call to inquire.

Thank you for visiting my blogsite.

So Jessica how did you get into photography? 

Growing up, my family was great at documenting family events from birthdays to holiday celebrations to the simplicity of life on the farm and I always looked forward to seeing the photos in print!  Today with digital photography, I  experience that same pleasure when I upload and view my photos after each and every photo session too!

My interest in the art of taking photographs blossomed while studying Black & White photography in my one and only formal photography instruction at Murray State University my freshman year.

Each week after lecture we would venture out on assignment in search of that week's theme then took our film (yes, we shot film) and developed it in the darkroom.  Finally we mounted our 'masterpieces' for presentation and grading.
Because of this class I was asked by a family friend back home to take Black & White photographs at her daughter's wedding that summer.  Although a little nervous at first, I had a blast and looked forward to giving the family all the photographs of that special day.

I was still asleep early one Sunday morning back at college when I got a phone call from the bride's mother.  She tearfully explained  that I had taken the most wonderful photos and that they were so much better than the professional photographer.  My photos had captured natural expressions and moments, something she had hoped for.

I am so grateful to that family for the opportunity that was given to me to capture this most beautiful wedding day.  Since then I have shared many wedding days with happy couples all over Kentucky and Tennessee as well as taken numerous family photo sessions.